Why Everyone Loves Goleta, The Goodland

When people call Goleta “the Goodland” – they are speaking the truth. There is so much to love about this beautiful coastal community. I live in Santa Barbara city. I love my house and my town, but there is a part of me that is always thinking about moving a little further north to Goleta. You see, I grew up in a small town with lots of neighborhood kids to play with in a very suburban neighborhood. My best friend lived 3 blocks away and at age 7, I was allowed to ride my bike (with no helmet) up the block to play for an afternoon. It was awesome. My grandparents lived 2 blocks away and on a daily basis I would drop in to see them, shell some walnuts with my grandpa and watch TV with my cousins. I had no idea how good I had it.

When my husband and I started our family, I had a sad realization that I would not be able to provide my kids with the same neighborhood that I had growing up in. Our street is often filled with rush hour traffic and a walk to my in-laws would take about an hour and require a great deal of stamina. Now, I know my parents don’t live in Goleta and the streets can be busy there too; but when I drive the neighborhoods and see the freshly manicured lawns, the kids riding bikes and the mom’s chatting at Stow Park – I can’t help but feel I belong there too.

Goleta Real Estate Information

  • 2909876.92,3057869.15,3554173.68,3932700.00,3838475.00,4251631.82,4714995.00,4100930.43,4652440.00,4166291.30,4414042.86,4685065.00
  • 932714.81,515100.00,844376.47,727852.63,720502.94,644458.82,898958.33,554592.31,808133.33,566744.74,758535.71,638690.00
  • 780000.00,825000.00,905000.00,849000.00,519000.00,492000.00,679500.00,599000.00,774500.00,669000.00,630000.00,734000.00
  • 750000.00,512150.00,689000.00,649000.00,603750.00,579900.00,782000.00,559000.00,679000.00,607000.00,634500.00,661500.00

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Welcome to My Real Estate Blog

I am so excited to launch my new real estate blog! For years, I have been a blogger. It started with my pregnancy, when my family and children, when Santa Barbara city and for Santa Barbara Adventure Company and now for Real Estate. I have read a lot of the real estate blogs over the years and always wondered why there wasn’t a really good and informative blogger out there. There are a few who deliver great facts and statistics. There are a few who mention properties and try to keep things current. But I knew when I started developing my own blog, I wanted to talk about the properties and statistics that really mattered to buyers and sellers. What was interesting on the market? What was priced well? Why to buy in this area, etc.
I hope to give my readers all of that. Now please bare with me on spelling and grammar; mine leaves a lot to be desired. But I hope to provide good updates for my visitors on a weekly basis and to find deals that others may have missed. I love going out on caravan and finding a missed gem. So what did I find today?

Here is my great find for the day: 4541 Camino Molinero for $1,145,000. This property has been reduced in price, was built in 1991 and is a great deal. The neighborhood and street are great. This home is a little dated, but everything is clean and in working order. There is a wonderful workshop. It has a great back yard and is in Mountain View School district. This property is listed by Village Properties, Julie Barnes.

If you haven’t seen it and are looking for a nice home in that price range ~ you should take a look. I think you will be impressed.