Montecito’s Amazing Gardens

I love to tour Montecito properties because of their huge, manicured gardens. I love my own back yard, but it is just a yard – I would love to have an acre or two with places for boys to explore and me to relax. Today I found 2 acres that were truly inspiring on Sycamore Canyon. As soon as you pass through the iron gates and  into the shaded gravel driveway, you know someone has spend a great deal of time and effort into planning this park like environment. There are stately oaks trees, gurgling fountains and meandering paths. I could have explored the landscape for the entire day. I am sure the owners do, and at the end of the day they can stroll home to ocean views and Tuscany elegance. Priced at $4.9 million it is a truly special property.

After exploring the large estates, I ventured off to see a home in a more familiar price range ($829,000) and listed by a familiar face, Natalie Grubb who is also with Village Properties. What a treat I discovered. This smaller home on a quiet street, Chelham Way, has a huge surprise. When I ventured into the yard and past the little redwood gate, an entire canyon opened up to me. There are oak trees and little pathways – there is even a small stream. The home is located in Cold Springs School District and would be an amazing place for young minds to explore. I guess you don’t have to spend $4.9 million to own an amazing garden.

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