About the Community of Summerland

Summerland is a coastal community located between Montecito and Carpinteria. The population is approximately 1,400. There are many small businesses and antique shops. The majority of homes are located on the hillside facing the ocean, giving almost all homes an amazing view of the Pacific and Channel Islands.

Background Information

In 1883, spiritualist and real estate speculator H.L. Williams founded the town of Summerland. In 1888 he divided his land tract, on a moderately sloping hill facing the ocean, into numerous parcels. He promoted the tiny lots – 25 x 60 – to fellow spiritualists, who bought them in quantity and moved to the area. The houses they built included bizarre architectural features such as doors which opened to walls, and stairways ascending to nowhere. The spiritual center of the town was a community séance room, demolished only when Highway 101 was put through in the 1950s.

All information about Summerland courtesy of Wikipedia.

Summerland and Carpinteria Price Information

  • 2412201.23,2271380.97,2235092.23,2400512.54,2479706.05,2565539.38,2148017.65,2057919.49,2272636.58,2943880.94,3344486.14,3370106.27
  • 660390.00,3181410.33,1670107.50,1634914.29,945856.25,993656.25,878426.14,892776.48,904796.30,2678356.33,1392393.44,1089440.74
  • 850000.00,929000.00,850000.00,899000.00,999000.00,999000.00,917000.00,854525.00,894900.00,1295000.00,1400000.00,1372500.00
  • 499950.00,801799.00,581445.00,797000.00,434900.00,704500.00,645000.00,649000.00,799000.00,612350.00,717000.00,615000.00

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